On the Road – Tanzania

On the Road


Tanzania  is unique with its vast open grass plains and huge number of herding animals. The BIG GAME is some of the best in Africa! We target the mass migrations at a special time of the year for young animals. Baby lions, zebra, birds and many species use the limited summer rains as the best time to give birth. We use beautiful lodges and famous Safari Tented Camps of a high standard. This is not true camping, (rather clamping) but has the feel of camping in the wild’s of Africa. Our vehicles have a limited number of photographers, this offering the perfect ‘elbow room’ with our pop top 4WDs and window space to optimise your shooting opportunities. Check out the images on this page. If you love BIG GAME, or are keen to experience some of the best, then I highly recommend that you join us. We go beyond standard tours and have the most experienced guides to maximise finding everything from the smallest birds to cheetah, lion, leopard the species list is very long… Contact Julia to register your interest.