On the Road – Namibia

On the Road


(APRIL / MAY 2016)

What an amazing destination – again!

We have taken over 100 photographers to this beautiful country and each time it does not let us down for stunning landscapes, culture and BIG GAME. We started in Etosha National Park – lions, leopard and cheetah. The elephants were beautiful, with other big game around every corner. Waterholes are the key target as they attract game in waves. Some holes had hundreds of Zebra, while others were barren – perhaps a lion had just visited for a drink…

Our second tour was in the deep south targeting Quiver Trees, old diamond mines and giant sand dunes. The creative options included night shoots with stars, to early and late light shoots of beautiful sand dunes. We camped for 3 nights in the Namib Deserts forbidden zone. What a rare and unique experience and one that offered magenta sand dunes made of garnet sands. Sossusvlei was again its usual majestic self – magic snaking dunes, with Deadvlei as a highlight, my secret shoot location and great wildlife.

We finished with a few days shooting the famous Skeleton Coast, Damaraland and Himba people. Damaraland offers a diverse range of environments with rare desert elephant a key target. We experienced a very special opportunity when two family groups came together. The babies were too cute! As always, the Himba people are incredible. Such striking people and it was enjoyable for me to meet a few Himba from previous visits. Our group had a great time with the kids!

Namibia is a truly amazing place to visit. We can guarantee you unique shoot opportunities and tours that are not like the standard tourist visits. Interested? Contact Julia and register your interest for our next adventures.