On the Road – Morocco

On the Road


Morocco in far Northern Africa, has always been a location that inspired the imagination and creative visions of many an artist. It is so close to Spain and not far from Europe and England, yet it is completely different! We explore the incredible landscapes, people, streets and culture of this ancient land. Marrakesh, Sahara dunes, Casablanca, fire up the imagination! Morocco offers unique history, culture, landscapes and creative photo opportunities. Fès is arguably the symbolic heart of Morocco. Its labyrinthine streets and crumbling grandeur add to its intrigue. The medina of Fès el-Bali (Old Fès) is one of the largest living medieval cities in the world, and its gates and walls are magnificent. One of Morocco’s most important cultural centres, Marrakesh is a lively former capital famed for its markets and festivals. Follow its twisting arteries to its pulsing energy source – Djemaa el-Fna – a huge square in the medina. Your nose will guide you to row upon row of open-air food stalls whose pungent smoke fills the air with mouth-watering aromas. Be drawn back into a world of frenzied motion, where jugglers and storytellers jostle for position with snake charmers, magicians, and acrobats. Interested? Register with Julia…