On the Road – King Island

On the Road

King Island

(January 2016)

Australia offers so many great islands and WPA is proud to say we have visited many. King Island was a new location for us in January 2016. Great hospitality from our local supplier, through to top food and of course unique photo shoots.

We explored the many bays and beaches of King Island and a couple of old ‘broken down’ farm houses. Starfish, crayfish and birds from tiny wrens to pelicans offered hours of shoots. I think one of the key experiences enjoyed by the group was the wilderness locations. Some of the wild beaches are truely outstanding on a world basis.

Food – well where do we start…

Iconic cheeses (of which I am still eating) through to local beef, lamb and crayfish. The crayfish are huge! I hope you enjoy the images which tell a better story of this island paradise. We are going back in 2018…