On the Road – Gorillas

On the Road

Gorillas In the Mist

One of life’s best nature experiences is to visit Rwanda and its famous gorillas. While another location seems like a great deal as it is often cheaper – it is cheaper for a reason – less gorilla experiences. Our past Rwanda gorilla experiences have not let us down and everyone has voted it as the best money they have spent! We guarantee unique gorilla adventures! Some people think it is dangerous. I can not say that is further from the truth. Like all nature experiences, wild places can has a facet of danger but we use our experience and the best local guides to limit risks on all of our tours.

For me personally, the gorillas are an incredible experience (we include 3 permits!) plus I love the local culture. The people are very friendly and we have some now as friends that look forward to our visit as much as we look forward to seeing them again. Interested to join a future ‘Gorilla’s In The Mist’ adventures with us…?