On the Road – Galapagos Islands

On the Road

Galapagos Islands


This is truly one of the great nature adventures on earth. We aim to fill an exclusive boat (about 75’ long) that offers 4 Star comfort and a luxury feel to your holiday.

With its dramatic volcanoes and unique wildlife, the Galapagos have been a fascination for scientists and travellers since Charles Darwin first visited the islands in 1835. Apart from the many endemic species of mangroves, cacti and other flora, there is a large variety of bird species, such as the blue footed, red footed and masked boobies, frigate birds, albatrosses, flamingos, finches, penguins and non-flying cormorants. One of the most famous creatures on the island is the Galapagos tortoise that gave the islands their name. We can offer you an outstanding Galapagos adventure – interested…? Check out the images…