On the Road – Fraser Island

On the Road

Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world has allowed WPA to undertake over a dozen workshops and tours. What we love about the island is the fact that we can explore both the western protected side, through to beautiful rainforests and lakes and its wild eastern beaches. Dingos, eagles, tiny kingfishers and dozens of other birds are available for the bird lover. The plants are special as heath flowers offer creative challenges, while the rainforest plants are unique with one species dating back to the dinosaurs. The west coast offers everything from giant mud crabs to soldier crabs, wading birds and more of my favourite – eagles.

We drive along the surf beaches on the east coast. This wild region has all sorts of flotsam wash up, a ship wreck, dingos looking for food, shells, birds hunting from oystercatchers to eagles. Our visits are very special. We mix top field workshops with indoor workshops to help your processing and creative skills. I hope you enjoy some of our past expedition images and I hope you can join our next group to Fraser Island.