On the Road – Falkland Islands

On the Road

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are a remote archipelago located 460 km from the nearest South American point and are considered one of the most spectacular wildlife meccas in the world!

Our adventure takes off from Punta Arenas in Chile in a 737 jet and lands in paradise just 1.45 hours later. It’s white sandy beaches, cliffs, rolling grasslands, bays and turquoise waters are home of a surprising diversity of wildlife that includes 5 species of penguins, 3 species of seals, many endemic birds and dozens of albatross, petrels, shearwaters and shore birds, plus numerous species of very tame raptors and finches that make the Falkland Islands the perfect Eden for nature and wildlife photographers! The landscapes are stark and unique.

In 2020, World Photo Adventures returns to target the best locations and we are offering an extended stay to maximise your experiences and opportunities. This is a classic adventure with farm stays, (meet the locals) unique shoots and nature beyond your imagination.

“This is one of the best adventures I have experienced! Stunning nature surrounds you and the stark locations add to the unique results you can shoot. I can’t wait to return…”  Darran