On the Road – Bhutan

On the Road


Bhutan is an amazing mystical kingdom that borders on the Himilayan ranges. Few photographers have visited this unique country. We specially target festivals, incredible culture, spectacular landscapes and unique nature. Situated in the northern hemisphere, Bhutan is blessed by the wonders of nature. Surrounded by towering snow-clad mountains, Bhutan is famous for its scenic beauty. Far from the madding crowd of urban life, this little kingdom is rich with virgin forests, lush green valleys, fiery rhododendrons, rustling rivers, enchanting architectures and peace loving people. Memories of the past fuse with the present in a land where every Bhutanese is proud of his heritage. Temples and Dzongs mingle with forts and architecture of ages gone by. Bhutan is mesmerizing all year round, but especially when we are visiting.

“Bhutan amazed me with its very friendly people, beautiful culture and spectacular landscapes. Our itinerary is unique to target the best of this country and our local expert guides are simply fantastic!”   DARRAN…