On the Road – Antarctica

On the Road


This is a location that you should not say “one day”…

It is so surreal to take off from Chile in a ‘Whisper Jet’ and two hours later land in the northern waters of Antarctica. Our ship is waiting for you. You then enjoy several days, missing the rough seas of the Drake Passage and enjoying the more protected waters of the Antarctic Peninsula.

After several tours to this region, WPA can say we pick great ships and that our groups are a lot of fun and the perfect balance of camaraderie and expedition adventures. In fact two photographers met on such a tour and are now married!

The landscapes are so unique. Rugged ice and burgs mixed with soft snow and delicate waterways. The wildlife is outstanding with cute penguins a known draw card. However, on past tours we have also shot stunning whale images, Arctic Terns with food, Leopard Seals and more. History is at the end of many bays with old huts and stations.

You will often start the day with a landing, this offering quality time to explore. Back to the ship for lunch and then a new location to land in the afternoon. Often, you have so many images that it takes a m,month just to sort. I can only add – just do it…!

I hope you enjoy some of our past expedition images and I hope you can join our next group to Antarctica.