Darran Leal Photo Art

Darran has been selling his unique imagery since 1984. His beautiful images have been bought by everyone from friends to travellers and even celebrities like Terri Irwin who bought Darran’s image of ‘Jock’, the Satin Bower Bird. Photography is a special creative art form as it allows the creator to work in different stages from visualising the image, to post visualisation in the processing. Darran has combined his creative experience and talent using a combination of good photography techniques, with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to offer a unique final result.

Darran also limits the number of canvases and prints from each image. The result is that you can buy a beautiful Darran Leal Photo Art image for your home, office or for a friend, knowing that few are in the world and that it has been printed using an Epson archival printer, this offering a long life on any wall.